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Craniosacral Therapy

Three week old infant doing very well and nursing better after receiving craniosacral to recover from a forceps delivery.

"I took my son to see Russel Mater for craniosacral therapy. My son is 10 years old and has high functioning autism. He has struggled his whole life with explosive outbursts, anger, and general bad attitude. This was a last ditch effort for me. I had tried many many methods to help my son find peace with little result.

Our first visit to see Russel was very positive. The office is quiet and peaceful. Russel has a calm sensitive demeanour that really helped my son and I to feel comfortable there. Russel explained everything that he was doing and answered all my questions, and he was quite comfortable with my son's need to wiggle and kick his feet. He is very accommodating to my son.

After the first session, there seamed to be no effect. But gradually over the course of the following week, my son seemed to be so much more placid and agreeable. We noticed at home, but the big deal was when he started back to school. His first week went without a hitch. He remained calm, happy, and had no run ins with anyone. He was excited for a new teacher and getting to know classmates (a first for us)

I went in to the school in the second week and the principle stopped me. He asked if we had changed medication or started some new therapy during the summer. He said that my son had such an amazing transition and that he will now come speak to the principle where last year he would completely avoid conversation. He noticed a huge change. I was floored.

We went back to see Russel for a second time 3 weeks after the first. Russel said that my son's improvement was notable, and we may only need to go see him one more time at this point.

Craniosacral therapy, and Russ Mater, are a true miracle for my son. he is a happier, calmer, more regulated child and for that I am eternally grateful."

Natalie - Guelph, ON

"Neither physio nor massage has been able to get my neck to release the way craniosacral work does."


“I remember seeing Russell for Craniosacral Therapy when I had a pain in my shoulder. He put his hands on me and the pain was gone in five minutes! Most of the time when I leave after a session I feel like I have had a months’ holiday, my whole body feels calm. I have had a lot of body work in my life, and I find Russell to be a very present, gifted, wise, intuitive and non-judgemental Therapist.”

Mary Alison Cohen, RMT

“I'm seeing changes in my son which I never thought possible. Thank you.”


“Russell Mater is a gifted and compassionate health practitioner of the very highest standard. He has helped me navigate a very challenging illness with his healing touch and profound understanding of the body. Russell’s wise council and perspective helps me see my reality more clearly and affords me considerable peace of mind. I am blessed to have him on my healing team.

Sue Richards

“I suffered through two car accidents and was referred to Russ by my Chiropractor after having plateaued. That was over four years ago. Through my sessions with Russ Mater, I have learned through him that everything is connected: the spiritual, emotional and the physical. My healing took place on more than just the physical injuries level to the point that my overall health has improved. My pain level has decreased, I sleep better, I look younger, my focus is clearer and overall, my quality of life has improved. Russ' knowledge is vast and impressive but at the same time, he is most humble, approachable and present. I recently came back to see Russ Mater after having three major surgeries earlier in 2011 with surgical complications. Through Russ' Cranialsacral work (including that wonderful magnetic table to rest my bones on), my recovery period was dramatically shortened and without pain medications. I was back at work less than two weeks, post-hospital discharge.”

Jennifer Winslow

“My children and I have received Cranial sessions from Russell over the past several years. His gentle presence is non judgmental, his acceptance of the body complete, the results remarkable. Many thanks.”

Shelley Timoffee

“As a practitioner and teacher Russell is gifted with mystical intuition, certified education and most important, he resides in his heart. I trust him implicitly to create an opportune environment for healing.”


It's like doing yoga without moving”


CST Courses

"Russ Mater is a gifted teacher and I have had the pleasure of taking five of his courses throughout the past four years. The learning environment that Russ creates is nothing I've ever experienced before. It's an environment of comfort, free exchange of ideas and the opportunity to expand one's potential immensely.

Even as a mature student and without medical school background, his knowledge and teachings still resonate and impact me to this very day in my work. I look forward to taking more courses from him soon.”

Jennifer Winslow

“I have taken two Craniosacral courses with Russell Mater. What I love most about his teaching is his ability to instill confidence in others. He provides a relaxed, no pressure, and rich hands-on learning environment. He brings all of his knowledge, experience and heart to his courses. Thank you Russ for all you have taught me.”

Mary Alison Cohen, RMT

“Last summer, I had the privilege of attending levels one and two of Russell's Bio-dynamic Cranial Sacral course. Russell's teaching style is one of great respect and honour towards his students and the material. I strive to emulate this gentle form of healing daily in my practice with great results.”

Shelley Timoffee